Thursday, March 19, 2009

Greater Than Us

Nature, in all of God's creation, can bring us to such humility. With all our pragmatic and calculating minds, and with all the man-made towers and bridges, transportation, and technical advances that makes us feel so mighty, we need only to look around us and see how much greater is that that surrounds us. Not that we should feel insignificant, because of all of God's creation, we are His masterpiece. There lies the rub.......the responsibility to use His wisdom that has been planted within us to care for and transcend the easy road, to a higher calling. This is one of my more spiritual paintings that reflects God's mighty and gentle beauty and perfectness. This scene is located just outside the humble mountain hamlet of Allenspark, Colorado. It's a very quaint and rustic location where Heaven and Earth meet.

"Greater Than Us" 32" x 26" Oil on canvas

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