Saturday, February 11, 2012

Autumn's Repose

"Autumn's Repose" 24" x 24" Oil on Canvas   Jake Gaedtke copyright, 2012

Calm. A seasonal calm. I took this from a place that is very close to where I live. It's a grouping of ponds where people like to come and fish, walk, ride their horses, run, or sit and read or think. For me, I like to paint. You can see from it's beauty, why it is a popular place to come to. I simply can't resist painting water. It's a connection that I am so very close to. It's something that goes so far back in my life. There is so much of myself in this painting. I hope there is a lot of me in all of my paintings, but some go deeper than others. This is one I am especially fond of because of it's deeper meaning on a personal level. I notice in the Fall that the warm colors of orange, yellow, reds, and ochres permeates even the atmosphere. It's not restricted to the trees. Even the sky seems to take on a yellowish hue to it as Fall reflects itself everywhere. It's what causes that smell in the air that is Indian Summer. A crispness I feel that teases at the winter season that is to come. I added more warms in the sky to give the painting an overall harmony of yellow-orange so you are immersed in the season that is Autumn and in this case the quiet that is Fall.

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