Thursday, May 6, 2010

Song Of The Sea

This is my first attempt at a seascape. The scene is in Half Moon Bay, California. The waves are crashing in on the beach. The sun is mostly hidden by the clouds rolling in as it descends into the horizon. A portion of sunlight breaks through a few cloud openings allowing rays to beam down on the water's surface. The harmony of the sunlight, storm, crashing waves, spray of the wind on the waves, and smell of salt permiating the air created the song of the sea. This painting is also a tribute to Dan Fogelberg, titled after the title of one of his songs about the sea. Sailing was his favorite endevour in life. He was one of my favorite singer/songwriters/poet. His ability to touch the heart of a matter whether it be painful, joyous, confusion, or any other emotion or experience we have in life was so well written with such visual poetry, I become a big fan of him and his work. I have aways made it a goal of mine with my work that I hope others can respond to my work the way I do to Dan Fogelberg's work. Ever on!
"Song Of The Sea"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas


Lani Vlaanderen said...

Jake, this is transcending mere beauty! You are truly a brother of the water. Can't wait to see what your subsequent "attempts" produce!!

Jake Gaedtke said...

Thank you, Lani. I enjoyed painting this very much!! I'm looking forward to doing more. Thank you for your very kind words.